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31 January-1stFebruary 2018
Hotel Intercontinental, Warsaw


Nominations Open on 20 October - and will be open til 30 November, 2017.

List of 24 Nominations Categories:


  • Most “Dynamically Developing” City – CEE (ex-Poland)

  • Most “Dynamically Developing” City – Poland

  • Emerging City of the Year – CEE (ex-Poland)

  • Emerging City of the Year – Poland


  • SSC of Year – CEE

  • SSC of Year – Poland

  • BPO firm of the year – CEE

  • BPO firm of the year – Poland

  • IT Services Firm of the Year - CEE

  • IT Services Firm of the Year – Poland

  • Most unique services provider – CEE

  • Most unique services provider – Poland

  • Business Centre Manager of the Year – BPO

  • Business Centre Manager of the Year – SSC - CEE

  • Business Centre Manager of the Year – SSC – Poland only

  • Top Recruitment Firm of the Year

  • Top Executive Search Firm of the Year

  • Best new office development for SSC/BPO sectors

  • General Advisory/Location Advisory

  • Real Estate Advisory

  • Top CSR initiative of the Year

  • Best University-Business cooperation of the Year

  • Public Sector Initiative of the Year

  • New-entrant SSC of year.

Deadline for online Submission of Nomination: 30 November, 2017  


1) We welcome you to submit the names of firms and other entities you believe should be considered for the relevant award categories. There is no limit to the number of nominations you make and there are no costs involved in putting forward the nominations. Nominations should be submitted (ideally by the subject Company) directly via our online Nomination form here:

>> LINK <<

2) Here are some tips/suggestions for getting the Jury's attention:

Be precise and concise. Short and compelling usually trumps long-and-winding.

Numbers can often tell a compelling story: growth, percentage changes, market share, etc.

Tell a good story. Emotions, case-studies, and real examples conjur up images in our brains that work wonders.

Avoid the “Corporate-speak” and jargon that puts the Jury to sleep and only shows that you are not original and unique.

While you may prefer to "outsource" the Nomination form to a PR agency or 3rd party, that is usually a mistake. You know your company best and top management will be best-positioned to present compelling evidence to win your Category.

3) After the Deadline for submitting Nominations, we will send all Nominations to our Jury Members (who are bound by confidentiality and will not further distribute). The Jury then has about 2 weeks to review and rank all Nominations. Based on the Rankings, we generate the "Short-List".

4) "Short-List": The "Short-List" of Awards Finalists will be generated from submitted Nominations - after being vetted by the Jury - and will be announced on 3 January 2018 (one month before the Awards Gala).

5) Jury Voting. On 31st January, 2018 (one night before the Awards Gala), the Jury will meet and vote on the final Nominations, with winners to be announced at the 1st February CEE Shared Services And Outsourcing Awards Gala.

Additional information:

  • In 2017, we had 177 Companies, Cities, and Individuals who submitted Nominations.

  • PR/Social Media: All Short-Listed companies will be widely-promoted via multiple media channels, including social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter).

    Winners have major promotional opportunities, which can have direct impact on Recruitment, Retention, Employer Branding, and Client-facing business development.

  • Submission of Nominations and Winning has zero connection to sponsorship or even attendance.

  • Contact with any questions regarding Nominations:
    Magdalena Jakubowska,
    (mobile 48-536-540-009)

CEE Shared Services And Outsourcing Awards 2018

Location: Hotel Intercontinental Warsaw, Poland
Date: 1st February, 2018
Time: 18:30-24:00
Attendees: 320+
Dress Code: Black Tie (formal attire)

Management of Shared Services centres and BPO/ITO centres receive 25% discount off single ticket prices for both Gala and Forum.

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