The Winners 2016 | CEE Outsourcing and Shared Services Awards 
31 January 2019
Hotel Intercontinental, Warsaw


More than 300 top execs from 129 companies and 23 countries celebrated this year's top winners at the 4th annual CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards - with more than 50 being international firms from western Europe, Scandinavia, United States, United Kingdom, east Asia and India - interested in setting up, expanding, or fine-tuning their business services centres in central Europe.

Thanks to all the world-class companies that participated!


Most Dynamically Developing City – CEE (excl. Poland)

Vilnius (Lithuania)

New SSC/BPO projects announced in 2015:
  • Danske Group IT Lithuania. IT SSC for the entire Danske Group with full IT services.
  • AIG. F&A, Customer Operations SSC.
  • NASDAQ global technology and business support competence center. IT operations and F&A SSC.
  • Skandia. Insurance administration, HR, IT and F&A SSC.
  • Teleperformance. Contact Center BPO.
  • CSD Engineers . IT, F&A, and engineering operations SSC.

Most Dynamically Developing City – Poland

Tri City

12 Major new projects in just last 15 months:
  • Alexander Mann Solutions- RPO
  • APL Poland – SSC Logistics
  • Avaus Marketing – IT
  • Ciklum – IT
  • PKO – SSC
  • Staples – IT/CS/Logistics/SSC
  • State Street – SSC (F&A- inv.banking)
City’s strategy in the SSC/BPO space is Diversification. Instead of focusing on becoming a leader in one or two process groups, Tri City is aiming at widening the scope of supported processes in order to retain flexibility and not overheat any group of talent pool.

Emerging City of the Year – CEE (excl. Poland)

Kaunas (Lithuania)

Already established SSC/BPO were expanding immensely:
  • Intermedix expansion 300 CS
  • NFQ expansion 160 IT
  • Festo 30 F&A
  • CallCredit 30 IT
  • Transcom Worldwide 50 CS.
Currently, service centers employ 1,935 employees in Kaunas. Percentage growth in number of new employees from beginning of 2014 to now is equal to 48%.

Emerging City of the Year – Poland


New SSC/BPO projects announced/started in 2015:
  • Finland based NOKIA announced overtaking of Alcatel – Lucent with its 920 staff located in Delivery Centre.
  • UK based booking portal – Supercontrol opened.
  • German hardware manufacturer Wortmann AG opened as Terra Computer.
Significant growth from existing BPO/SSC operators:
  • ATOS IT Services – 400 new jobs in ITO processes
  • Mobica – 160 employees in ITO processes
  • Alcatel – Lucent now with 920 employees in ITO processes

Shared Services Firm of the Year – CEE

BT Regional Operations Centre – BT ROC Kft. (Budapest)

BT ROC provides services to internal BT business units and directly support customers globally. Some activities performed in the shared service center are back office activities (finance ssc, HR support, cash collections, business admin) but we also own several core services of BTGS (network design, network support, pricing, desk-based sales, service delivery and service management etc.) We are one of the most complex shared services in Hungary with 6 key functions and 11 small / mid-size teams in 2 locations. More than 1700 employees.

Shared Services Firm of the Year – Poland

State Street Bank Poland

  • Expanded its operation by a further 500 staff and have migrated several new activities including trade management, Private Equity and Shareholder Tax.
  • Commenced an expansion project in Gdansk with office to accommodate more than 1000 staff.
  • 2600 employees in Krakow office.

BPO Firm of the Year – CEE

Conectys (Romania)

Delivers multilingual and multicultural BPO solutions in over 35 languages from its centers in Romania, Belgium, Philippines and a global network of home-based professionals.

In 2016, it opened a 200-seat location at Sibiu, Romania, and grew headcount in the Philippines six fold. Services offered are based on a proprietary BPaaS platform (ConectysOS) and include: Multilingual Contact Center, Managed User Generated Content Moderation, NOC support and Multilingual Risk Management.

Total number of employees in December 2015: 570.

BPO Firm of the Year – Poland


Capita Plc is the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support service solutions. Capita Poland was established in 2011. Starting with only 12 employees, Kraków Business Centre quickly developed, becoming a strong player in the Polish BPO sector with a team of over 470 professionals at the end of 2014. Company growth was accelerated in 2014 by the acquisition of SouthWestern – an Irish contact centre with several sites, including one located in Lodz. The most significant Capita Poland projects are impressive proof of the range and variety of the company’s services: Capita Investor Relations is a premium consultancy Assets Service offered to London City Clients. Capita Pet Insurance is a service delivered to leading UK insurers.

IT Services Firm of the Year – CEE


SoftServe is a leading technology solutions company specializing in software product and application development and services. Our experience stretches from Big Data/Analytics, Cloud, Security and UX Design to the Internet of Things, Digital Health and Digital Transformation. 29 representative offices and development centers in major cities of 12 countries in North America, Eastern and Western Europe. Our clients include: Samsung, SunGard, Bayer, Panasonic, BMC Software, Pearson, Allscripts.

IT Services Firm of the Year – Poland

Sii Sp. z o.o.

Total number of employees at December 2015: 2100. Sii Poland’s engineers are specialists who carry out most complex projects in fields of IT Applications, Mobile Apps, BI, BPM, EAI, SOA, CRM, and ERP.

Most Unique Services Provider – CEE

Nasdaq Vilnius Services (Lithuania)

At the end of 2014, Nasdaq decided to leverage group assets by establishing a new Technology and Business Support Competence Center in Vilnius – Nasdaq Vilnius Services. Nasdaq Vilnius Services is running a range of business critical operations supporting external and internal clients of the Nasdaq Group in EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific.

Most Unique Services Provider – Poland


Capita Investor Relations – an unquestionable example of a unique project provided in Poland. Sensitivity of the matter and rigorous qualification requirements transformed the project from a simple IR service to a complex and sophisticated consultancy tailored for the demanding needs of UK high street clients.

Best Employer of the Year – BPO

CPL Integrated Services – Hungary

In 2011 CPLIS developed a strong partnership with HP Hungary to provide service desk and end user support to HP’s multinational customers. In addition to providing the usual benefits, we offer perks that open up opportunities for our employees such as sponsoring their education. Operating with 750 employees, in 2015 we have paid out over 1M EURO in key benefits which is a 20% increase compared to last year. These key benefits including the following: Employee Perks: Meal vouchers, Local Transport Pass, Accommodation Card, Recreation Card, Dining Card, Voluntary health fund contribution, Voluntary pension fund contribution, Culture events voucher, Schooling support voucher and Health Insurance Package that includes 24 hour medical call center.

Best Employer of the Year – Shared Services – Poland

Credit Suisse Center of Excellence Wroclaw

Over 4,000 employees currently residing in our CoE. All major and minor departments of Credit Suisse have their representation in our location in Wroclaw. From supporting front-end, client-facing colleagues to typical back office, administrative activities. Our employees have opportunities to learn and build their careers in the areas of retail, private or investment banking for typical bank-type activities. We also employ numerous lawyers and law-students in order to adhere to the abundant number of regulations that Credit Suisse needs to comply with across all its locations.

Specific benefits that the SSC provides to Employees:
1. Pension Scheme Legg Mason: all Credit Suisse employees are entitled to their total accrued benefit payable under the plan after having completed 3 years pension plan participation.
2. Social Fund benefits – the Fund is dedicated to all employees.
3. Employee Referral Program: our employees have the opportunity to refer their friends who have the expertise, knowledge and leadership skills to join our company. By doing so, they can be eligible for a cash award.

Best Employer of the Year – Shared Services – CEE

Danske Bank Group IT Lithuania (DGITL) (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Total number of employees have grown from 2 at December 2014 to 375 at December 2015. Some benefits include:
  • We’re the only Shared Service centre in Lithuania that has on premise gym and provides ability for employees to cultivate healthy living free of charge. Investments reach c200.000 EUR to this.
  • We have top of the class health insurance and pension package which was purely designed and defined by our employees that fits their needs.
  • Fully paid 7 days of training per year to each employee.

Business Centre Manager of the Year – BPO

Agnieszka Zygner, Capita Poland General Manager

Upon joining Capita Poland in August 2014, Agnieszka Zygner implemented a clear vision of company growth strategy, transforming Capita from a captive business into a powerful sales organization, expanding the company from a single centre to multiple locations in Poland. Capita Poland was thus positioned as a unique BPO player, delivering multi-lingual front office and distinctive, innovative back office services.

Business Centre Manager of the Year – Shared Services

Terri Gerosa, CSC Poland Head [Citi Service Center Poland]

Since Terri joined in 2013 the site grew from 2000 to over 4000 employees. Regional and global decisions to centralize new functions, extend scope of existing services and build more advanced services out of Poland are the proof of the trust that the company has in the CSC Poland Head’s leadership. This center provides services for over 90 countries within more than 50 different business lines. Mature style of leadership, inspirational role model who always push you to seek new, bold and innovative solutions, Always thinking first about people.

Top Recruitment Firm of the Year

Randstad Polska Sp. z o.o.

5 key clients in the BPO/SSC sector: MoneyGram Payment Systems, Staples Polska, The Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Services, AstraZeneca Pharma. Major new clients won in 2015: Staples Europe, AstraZeneca, Pearson, Nationale Nederlanden.

Top Executive Search Firm of the Year

Hays Executive

Most important Executive Search projects in 2015: International Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A: Head of Global Business Service Centre; Head of Global Finance Processes. SSC Head for Tate and Lyle Global Shared Services. Management team for Mars Financial Shared Service Centre.

Best new office development for SSC/BPO sectors

Olivia Six (Gdansk, Poland)

  • Date completed: May 2015
  • GLA/sqm: 17 877 m2
  • Major tenants: ThyssenKrupp Global Shared Service Centre, Pomerania Development Agency, Epam Systems, Energa.

General Advisory/Location Advisory

PwC Poland, SSC/BPO CoE Team
The SSC Centre of Excellence team consists of 20 SSC/BPO Practitioners experienced in all aspects of SSC & BPO from Strategy & Feasibility, Implementation and Transition, to Performance Optimisation and Contract re-negotiation on all continents. The team is based in Poland and has worked with over 100 Clients in Poland, CEE and all over the Globe. PwC team provide general advisory services to both SSC and BPO industries, particularly in assistance with:
  • SSC/BPO Strategy
  • Location Analysis
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Communication and change management support
  • Transition support
  • Recruitment planning and support

Real Estate Advisory


Key clients in the SSC/BPO sector: Credit Suisse, Shell, UBS. Advisory to BPO/SSC sector is among key areas of JLL’ competence. In 2015 the company advised BPO/SSC companies in Central Europe on lease agreements totaling ca. 230,000 sq m.

Top CSR initiative of the Year

Credit Suisse partnership with Wroclaw Children’s Hospice Foundation

Credit Suisse’s (CS) global strategy focuses on Education, MicroFinance and Employee Engagement. Charity of the Year(CoY) is a program embedded in local communities where CS has offices and was launched in Wroclaw in January 2014. Wroclaw Children’s Hospice Foundation takes care of 280 terminally and chronically ill children from Lower Silesia and provides support for their siblings and families. The program created 636 volunteering opportunities and allowed 356 unique individual volunteers to be engaged.

Public Sector Project of the Year

District Authority of Ketrzyn and Shared Services Center for Ketrzyn District

Authority of Ketrzyn District on April 2015 started the project of preparing and establishing the Shared Services Center for Ketrzyn Dsitrict. The goal of the project is to centralize all the F&A, HR, ICT, fixed assets mgmt, purchasing activities and processes. At the first step SSC is taking over the F&A, HR, ICT, fixed assets mgmt. and purchasing, processes and activities(partly or fully) from District Authorities, Schools, and Orphanage. In the second step SSC(1Q-2Q.2016) will complete the activities for the units of the 1-st step and and continue taking over the activities like: fixed asset mgmt for all units and purchasing for Public Hospital. Expected savings: 500,00 – 700,00 kPLN per year.

Best University-Business cooperation of the Year

Cisco Engineer Incubator Program

Cisco Engineer Incubator is a program designed to grow readiness of talented university students not only to grow their skills, raise their employability in the IT industry, but also to get a real employment opportunity at the Cisco Krakow Center. The program engages over 500-600 students –through university events. Around 35 selected students get hired by Cisco center in Krakow.

New-entrant SSC of the Year

NASDAQ, Vilnius

At the end of 2014, Nasdaq decided to leverage existing assets by establishing a new Technology and Business Support Competence Center in Vilnius – Nasdaq Vilnius Services. Nasdaq Vilnius Services is running a range of business critical operations supporting external and internal clients of the Nasdaq group in EMEA, Americas and Asia Pacific. Not only are Nasdaq operated markets in Europe and US dependent on them, but also other exchanges and clearing houses whom Nasdaq is servicing as a vendor. E.g., Vilnius-based teams are involved in developing, testing and delivering state-of-the-art technology which powers trading venues, clearing houses, CSDs and corporates around the world.

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